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About Us - Just Cheap Diapers


Thanks for visiting my website, and I hope that you have found the price and quality of our baby diapers to exceed your expectations.


Hello, my name is Joyce Bangga and I am the founder and owner of Just Cheap Diapers. As a mother of 4 beautiful children I found it necessary early on to to save money on diapers, without sacrificing on the quality.


After having done alot of research on baby diapers, and having tried many different brands of diapers, I have finally found a diaper that offers my childern moisture protection and comfort.


Today I am happy to be in a position to pass on to all mothers a fantasitc high quality diapers at a really cheap price.


Thanks for buying my diapers, and remember if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Thanks so much,


Joyce Bangga